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Welcome to the first community dedicated to all things Robin van Persie.

few things to note:
you've probably read something similar in EVERY community you're a part of, but just in case...

1a. All posts must be related to Robin in some way. News you've heard (links to original source included would be great), pictures, fics, whatever, as long as it's got Robin in it, cool.

1b. Please put longer posts under a lj-cut... which looks like this: <*lj-cut text="blah"> easy peasy. Of course you can change "blah" to say whatever you want and make sure you take off the asterisk (*) in your actual lj-cut.

2. Please use tags if you can. They're easy to use, just before you post, put in a word or two in the tag options. It makes life much easier (and more organized) later on, as well as giving you easier access to the things you want... like pictures.
example tags: picspam, news, icons.

3. This community is SLASH-FRIENDLY. If that's not your cup of tea, then maybe this isn't the community for you.

4. No flames. period. Be nice.

5. If you need to get in contact with the mods, comment in either one of our LJ's or email here: deadxdreamer@yahoo.com

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